Data Backup Solutions

Don’t lose your important data

I can do a one-time backup or set up a scheduled backup so your vital business files or precious family pictures won’t be lost forever. There a many options to choose from to protect your files.
I have setup both on-site and remote backup solutions, sometimes called cloud backup.


Data and Hard Drive Recovery

Accidentally delete a file or have a hard drive go bad?

What about if Windows doesn’t boot up or has a BSOD (blue screen of death)? I can recover files (including pictures) that have been deleted or damaged, even from flash drives and camera cards.

If your hard drive is failing or won’t boot up, 99% of the time I can still retrieve your data files and folders. You may have a corrupt file system where the data is still present, but your hard drive is unable to find its own data. The other possibility is your hard drive has physically been damaged and has a mechanical failure. You may hear a clicking sound coming from the hard drive or the hard drive may not even spin or vibrate.

Remember, whether you have a Server, PC, Mac, laptop, External Hard Drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) in most cases, the data on your hard drive can be retrieved.

There are data backups and then there are system image backups – where the entire computer hard drive is “imaged” and backed up somewhere else like an external drive or cloud backup. Each have their distinct purpose and advantages.

The bottom line is you should always have at least two backups (in case one fails) for all of your important files, pictures and other data. If you don’t have a back to restore, then I can help you retrieve your files from your actual hard drive, flash drive, etc.